Monday, May 11, 2015

Halloween Part 2

I am catching up slowly but surely! This year for the kids Halloween costumes I let them choose whatever they wanted to be. With the exception of Henry. I found a darling costume on Pinterest so I just sort of made up my own from the pictures. I thought it turned out darling. I also made Owen and Mikey's but Grace's was far too elaborate so I asked a friend to make hers. The kids had so much fun and as always, Halloween remains one of my favorite holidays. 

Henry was a scuba diver

Owen was Gracies Olaf

Gracie, AKA Elsa

Mikey was a mad scientist 

More October fun at the arcade

Clayton and Alexis wanted a new kitty and I found them one up here. We got to babysit it for a few days and we were all in heaven.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Halloween Part 1

I can't believe I am just getting to these post. But I am getting closer.... one by one.

The kids helping sand the fence for the garden area

Our Mikey boy. He saw a lego set in the store months ago and decided he really wanted it. Well, legos are not cheap so we promised we would go in half with him. He still had to earn almost $40.  He worked so so hard and finally earned enough money to go get the set! I was so proud of him for setting a goal and working hard to achieve it. 

Wrestling this year was a hoot.  We signed Owen and Mikey both up. It was so fun at practices to see Mikey teaching Owen some tricks. In the end, I just couldn't let Owen do any matches. He is far to innocent to figure out why these boys kept throwing him on the ground. He would smile the whole time but it was breaking my heart! So I let him practice with the team, but I didn't let him do any matches. Which was fine with him. 

The Halloween fair at the kids school was really fun. And it gave Owen a chance to use his lion costume.

Fence painting

Mikeys costume was so fun this year. He got a lot of stares and some people even asked to take his picture. He got half way around the block and had to take it off. It was so heavy it was making him sweat.

Chad and I going to our friends annual halloween party. I was a "ceiling fan" and Chad was "Chicken cord on blue"

The pumpkin patch!

We made a deal with the kids, they could have whatever pumpkin they wanted but they had to be able to carry it to the wagon then to the car. Mike and Grace chose huge ones of course but they did awesome!

At the kids school apparently Halloween is not very politically correct so they have a "history fair" instead. Gracies class dressed up as vikings and Mikeys class were explorers.